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Why Use a Smartphone Credit Card Reader For Your Business?

Getting paid with a credit card traditionally meant paying a ton of fees to access this service, not to mention all the expensive hardware and complex gateway services you’d be responsible for paying. Thankfully, these days of complexity are gone thanks to credit card readers that simply plugs into your smartphone or tablet and can process transactions on the fly.

Process Payments on the Fly
A credit card reader for smartphones a device that provides businesses with a host of benefits. This is particularly true if your business has you traveling the majority of the time.

Aside from looking extremely high-tech, today’s credit card readers are incredibly functional. You can essentially accept credit cards no matter where you are, or what time it is. Whether you’ve got a brick and mortar store, or are a traveling personal trainer, can significantly boost your sales and even streamline your invoice process. This device really does […]

How to Choose the Best Inventory Tracking System For Your Business

With the growth of your business comes the need to more closely and effectively keep track of your inventory. Rather than depend on old-school inventory tracking methods, you’d be better off investing in innovative software to more accurately handle this extremely important task.

Before choosing inventory tracking software, make sure that the one you choose offers the following.

The most critical aspect when it comes to inventory tracking systems is the amount of security that it delivers. As a business owner, you need to know precisely how much inventory you have at all times, and where it is located.

Traditional methods may help in tracking the number of items in a store or warehouse, but software can take things a notch up by connecting your inventory with barcodes so you can be more confident about how much you have, and where everything is located. If you ever find yourself in a financial audit, […]

Benefits of a Warehouse Management System For Your Business

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is crucial to improving the overall efficiency of an organization’s warehouse operations. From shipping, to receiving, to inventory control, a system such as this can completely revamp and streamline every process within the warehouse.

Warehouse management software packages can be totally personalized to meet the specific requirements of firms large and small. Through the integration of a warehouse management system with a wireless network, mobile computers, and voice picking applications, you can essentially expand your business to mobile employees while boosting operational efficiencies and improving customer service.

Here are a few of the aspects of your business that can be effectively streamlined with a comprehensive warehouse management system:

• Receiving – Get in-depth knowledge about the shipments that have been delivered, but haven’t yet made it to their final destination.
• Inventory stock – You’ll be able to ensure that items at low stock levels are placed in cue […]

E-Commerce and Social CRM is Changing the Landscape of How Business is Done

Over 90 percent of Generation Y will head to the internet first when looking for certain products or services, and 50 percent of them will be buying something online. Big-wig e-commerce sites like Amazon have set the bar that all online shoppers have come to expect, regardless of the type of products or services they need.

Manage Multiple Locations Remotely With Linux-Based Oneir Solutions

For companies that are so successful that one location simply isn’t cutting it to meet the demands of customers, it may be time to start expanding the business. And with multiple locations in the works, proper software that can handle multiple locations is necessary.

Oneir Solutions offers specialized business software that can handle all sorts of transactions and tasks that are important to businesses. When companies start to experience rapid growth, or have other reasons to open up more than one location, Oneir Solutions offers software products that help independent businesses maintain their accounting systems efficiently, as well as retain tighter management control regardless of how many locations they have.

The software that Oneir Solutions offers clients depends on Linux as its operating system (OS), which is highly beneficial to businesses because of its incredible stability, speed and low cost of ownership. This is of paramount importance to organizations, while still allowing […]

Streamline Your Vendor Payments and Payroll Efforts Through Direct EFT Payment Software!

By utilizing direct accounts payable electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment software, you can quickly disburse your payables – such as payroll, recurring payments, individual payables, and so forth – to any United States or Canadian bank account. You can even use the same EFT process for direct employee payroll payments in Canada.

You can even efficiently collect accounts receivables from your customers electronically via a companion service. This integrated software can streamline and simplify the typically expensive and time-consuming process of originating or collecting payments the manual way.

Save Time and Money!

Your payables and receivables processing can be much more cost-effective and simplified with vendor and payroll direct ETF payments. By automatically collecting receivables and payables, you can realistically improve your cash control and decrease how many manually processed items you have.

By utilizing vendor and payroll direct ETF payment software, the individual EFT payments that have been entered will be automatically organized […]