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What Are the Advantages to a Two-Tiered ERP System?

It can be pretty challenging for large companies with numerous branches, offices and warehouses to find the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that meets their needs. Many times, just one single focus ERP solution is not enough.

For this reason, a two-tiered software solution will be warranted. This type of ERP system runs more than one solution effectively and efficiently. Two-tiered systems typically emphases the needs at the corporate level in one tier, and other tier supports the particular requirements of the varied locations that make up the whole ERP software.

Here are some of the benefits of a two-tiered ERP system that your business can take advantage of.

Cost Effective
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a two-tiered ERP system is the cost savings. You might think it’s impossible for this more advanced type of system to be more affordable, but these solutions can actually save your business money over the […]

ERP software helps metal supplier grow

NEW YORK — With a growing number of manufacturers, machine shops, tool and die makers and contractors in the Delaware Valley around Philadelphia requiring metal parts, business is good for Metal Stock Inc., a small-quantity metal supplier.

Most metal vendors and distributors in the region consolidated service centers and catered mostly to those buying large volumes. In contrast, Philadelphia- based Metal Stock kept its focus on smaller buyers who need fast, efficient service and a wide selection.

Its business has boomed so much so that in 2004 president Ken Bell ended his company’s 10-year relationship with a franchiser and set the metal supplier on an independent course.

By fall 2005, both Bell and his controller, Corinne Wightman, knew that to handle the company’s swelling sales volume profitably they needed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with more power and capacity to manage key business functions through one shared information database.

They called in computer consultant […]

A Guide to Optimizing Your Bill of Materials (BOM)

No matter how simple or complicated, every manufacturing project, whether it’s a unique one-off product or repeat process production, has a Bill of Materials (BOM), which is crucial to effectively organize and communicate the details of your project to others.

Consider the following tips to improve communication, slash costs, and avoid bad design decisions along the journey from the planning stages to production.

Be Very Detailed
Your documentation needs to be so detailed that it will allow every employee who has never read or seen your design files before to recreate products from scratch without hiccups, including quality control specifications. If they find that impossible to do, your documentation is not up to par.

It’s important to review and add in your own specifications in order to make sure you’re as thorough as possible, and your employees make the product consistently and adhere to the design specs.

Avoid Ambiguity in Your BOM
Ideally, you want to […]

ERP software helps retailers/wholesalers cut losses, expand business

Oneir Solutions Inc. is a provider of scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that manages key business functions through one shared information database, ideal for the flooring industry, the company reported.

Oneir said its new software runs on a modern-day Linux operating system, making it more capable of meeting the needs of an expanding business. According to Oneir, the custom software update includes modules that provide added capabilities to cover additional business areas and automated functions that had previously been performed manually, with little need for re-training.

“We developed the upgraded software for growing businesses needing more capable, adaptable accounting and inventory control, and those with multiple stores or outlets. We’re seeing a new trend in customers using iPads out in the field or in multiple outlets – this requires an extremely flexible software solution,” said Jane Giggal, Oneir Solutions Inc. president.

According to Oneir, flooring companies can use its products […]

Should You Implement Personnel Management Software?

Personnel management software helps companies easily facilitate the day-to-day operations of human resources departments. It’s also an important component to effective employee management these days. Cutting-edge personnel management uses comprehensive software solutions to deal with the increasingly complicated nature of everyday work and personnel management.

HR management software helps to optimize the resources needed within an organization, including managing applications or assessing employee candidates. Rather than going through complicated steps, HR management can use this specialized form of software to complete all necessary tasks with a few simple clicks. No longer is it necessary to gather and transfer identical data over and over again.

Personnel management software can deal with vacation requests, changing master data, planning and approving training courses, and staffing.

Successful Leadership
A huge benefit of software-based HR management is the ability for all personnel to keep agreed-upon goals within sight, and examine achieved results. While the assessment of work performance is […]

Keep Tabs on the Success of Your Organization With Sales Commission Software

You can tell a lot about your business by your sales transactions and compensation.

It’s important for your business to accurately predict, calculate and track incentive-based compensation, and commission software can help you do just that.

Save Time and Reduce Errors
Tracking commissions can be a time-consuming task, especially if you’re tracking a number of plans with different commissions rates, splits, caps, and so on. A lot of companies start by making use of spreadsheets or text documents, but this manual process is not only tedious, it’s also prone to a lot of errors.

It’s also incredibly time-consuming. Business owners and managers know how scarce time can be. The majority of measurements of key performance indicators can typically only be done at the end of the month or quarter. Waiting around for this time can result in outdated information that’s being worked with by the time month- or quarter-end rolls around.

Automate With Commission Tracking […]