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Integrated Bank Card Processing: Helping Businesses be More Productive.

No matter what business you hail from, the advent of technology into the marketplace has completely reinvented how we do business.

With competition becoming increasingly fierce, it’s imperative that businesses remain on the forefront of their customer’s minds, and that includes making things as convenient as possible through virtual payment processing.

Rare is the customer who prefers to pay with cash. And when shopping online, that’s a certified impossible feat.

And while credit cards come with their own set of benefits (such as points collection), and bank cards make it easy for consumers to avoid having to make hourly trips to the local ATM, it’s the online purchasing power that is dictating how easy it is for buyers to shop – and businesses to collect payments. *** Note that for businesses, their credit card has become their bank “Line of Credit” ***.

That’s where integrated bank credit and debit card processing and authorization software […]

Bank Card Authorization

We know from archeological digs that humans have been making horse harnesses for about 3,500 years. Today, Harness Hardware is helping equine and pet harness makers across Canada, in the United States, Australia, and Great Britain put their harnesses together with the 7,000-plus different buckles, rings, hooks, swivels, yokes, and other vital bits-and-pieces the wholesale company stocks and ships out from its Southwestern Ontario warehouse in. But unlike ancient harness makers, Harness Hardware’s clients benefit from Oneir Solutions’ fully “integrated bank card authorization” software.