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Wholesalers Turn to Affordable, Robust Business Management Software That Fits Their Business Model

For many mid-sized wholesale and distribution companies eager to expand, yet don’t want to drain their budgets in the process, a new generation of fully-featured sophisticated business management software with customized modules is allowing them to utilize tools that have traditionally only been accessible to larger enterprises.

Call it multi-channel sales, inventory control and accounting software, because these new do-it-all systems cover the bases from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the ultimate consumer. For a growing number of companies the flexibility, speed of implementation, user friendliness, and scalability of these new business management systems is impressive, particularly when factoring in lower cost offerings that drop the price tag from $50,000 or more to, in some cases, less then $10,000.

With flexibility a byproduct of the modularization of these new systems, a wide variety of businesses are embracing the trend toward enlisting wholesaling software to expand. Just in time, as the National Association of […]

Automate Your Sales Quotes to Customers with Quotation Software

How nice would it be to be able to email price quotations directly to your clients without having to communicate them obscurely by other archaic means? How about being able to successfully turn that same quote into an actual paying order?

When you implement quotation software, you can do exactly that.

Online quoting software from Oneir Solutions now allows businesses to seamlessly integrate with CRM. It allows all employees and clients to share the same simple, automated quoting system in order to save a ton of time and even gain more targeted leads with PDF quotes that are automatically calculated, generated, then e-mailed directly to your clients.

You can quickly and easily generate your own products and services, outline the pricing, and combine them together in a quote form that represents exactly what your quotes will involve. Customers can even build their own instant quotes when you plug the quote forms right into […]

Speedy software update

When manufacturers and distributors decide to acquire or update their business management system, they often need it designed and implemented within as little as a month or two to minimise disruption and maximise their competitive advantage.

MMIS, a manufacturer and distributor of food and food processing equipment and services, has updated its Vigilant business management software with software from Vigilant’s successor, Oneir Solutions. The software update includes modules that provide MMIS with added capabilities to cover additional business areas and automate functions that had previously been performed manually.

“When we changed over to the new system we completed the new installation over a weekend,” says Bill de Vos, general manager of MMIS. “The data from the old system was downloaded and saved over the weekend and the installers came in for the implementation. On Monday morning it was up and running.”

Having efficient traceability capabilities to expedite product recalls and tracking of products […]

How Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software Can Help Your Business

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is highly used in the manufacturing industry, and is essential to production planning and inventory management in the manufacturing process. The main goal is to maintain sufficient levels of inventory to make sure that the necessary materials are always readily available as required.

The main objectives of MRP include:

• Maintaining the lowest amount of inventory possible
• Making sure materials are always available for production
• Generate and plan delivery schedules and manufacturing activities

Who Benefits From MRP? How is it Used?
Material requirement planning is advantageous to manufacturing firms that make use of assembly lines to create their products. MRP software is implemented to track and organize inventories, and to make sure that the necessary products and parts are in place when an order is taken. This system can boost profitability, shorten lead times, improve productivity, and allow businesses to be proactive in their inventory management practices.

Material requirement planning requires […]

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Customer Relationship Management Software

We work in a global economy, where people from all corners buy, sell and communicate with one another regardless of location. Not only are competitors everywhere, but so are our customers. No longer are we tied to any physical barriers to do business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) involves tracking and analyzing all interactions that a business has with customers and prospects. And CRM software is a convenient and handy tool that simplifies, centralizes, and scales customer engagement.

Here are 4 reasons why your company should start using CRM software.

1. Grow Your Business
CRM software can be effectively used to acquire leads from your website, email campaigns, webinars, trade-shows, and so forth, with the leads being sent directly to your salespeople. You can then use CRM software to direct your sales staff to cross- or up-sell, identify new market opportunities, or just to improve the efficiency of your salespeople.

2. Repeat Best Practices
Many practices may […]

How Can You Use Online Billing to Work to Your Business’ Advantage?

Online billing is changing the landscape of businesses everywhere, regardless of the specific niche they happen to be in. It takes all the benefits of modern technology and applies them to the complex process of billing customers and managing the financials. Aside from being a quick and simple way of taking orders and invoicing your customers, online billing also has a plethora of additional features that can be used to your business’s advantage.

Generate Invoices in Minutes
After the online billing software has been updated you will have access to customer contact information and sales SKUs. It’s just a matter of choosing a customer (or adding new customer’s contact detail), selecting the items you’re charging them for, and punching in the quantity. The software will do all rest including finding the price and calculating the extension and taxes, which will save you a ton of time. You can use this to your […]