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Benefits to Automating Your Accounts Receivable, Part IV – Collections Administration

In previous posts, we covered various ways that switching to industry-specific ERP software, such as the automation solutions offered by Oneir Solutions, can make it easier to manage accounts receivable and streamline payments.  However, there will always be the occasional customer who cannot or will not pay, who must be sent to collections for more direct action.

It is crucial to have a well-defined policy on handling collections, to help create a beneficial balance between encouraging payment while avoiding harassment.  Some key factors to consider include:

How many days should pass after a due date, before collections activity begins?
How often should collections calls be placed?
How many days should pass between each level of escalation in collections activity?
How much time needs to pass before legal action is threatened, then taken?

As with other aspects of accounts receivable, the solutions provided by Onier Solutions offer ways to streamline this process, as […]

Benefits of Automating Your Accounts with Industry-Specific ERP Solutions

It’s no secret that if you don’t collect on the accounts for your services, you won’t get very far in today’s business world. Although it isn’t always the most exciting job, accounts receivables are a necessary aspect of business, especially for those that want to grow and experience long-term stability.

Nowadays it’s no longer necessary to have staff spend precious hours calling and managing accounts with clients. The industry-specific ERP software available from Oneir Solutions eliminates the need for expending valuable resources on accounting tasks. Here are some of the ways switching to an automated accounts receivable system can benefit your business.

Increased Efficiency

One of the foremost advantages of implementing industry-specific ERP software to automate your accounts receiving processes is the immense amount of time you’ll save. You’ll be able to keep track of outstanding and missed payments, receive collection reports and contact customers regarding invoices all from one […]

Benefits to Automating Your Accounts Receivable, Part III

In the prior post, we touched on some of the ways switching to automated accounting services can help you keep better track of client payment history and streamline processes. However, even with the added oversight and improved customer services offered by industry-specific ERP solutions, there may still be times when clients don’t always meet their payment schedules.

In addition to offering incentives for paying on time, there are a few penalties you can implement that will give clients a bit of a nudge without being too problematic. We’ve discussed some of them below.

Penalties for Late Payments

One of the most common penalties companies often enforce for late payments is charging a small percentage on overdue invoices to encourage a timelier payment. Of course, how much your firm is legally able to charge for overdue payments will vary depending on your locale, so making note of all the legalities beforehand is essential.

This […]

Benefits to Automating Your Accounts Receivable, Part II

If you’re still on the fence about automating your accounts receivable duties, there’s no need to rush into things. Let’s continue looking at some of the reasons why businesses invest in the industry-specific ERP solutions from Oneir Solutions.

Here’s Part II in our series about the benefits of automating your accounts receivable.

Controlling Credit Policies

Are you aware of your company’s credit policy? Asking this question is important, especially if you run a high-volume business that makes and receives a wide range of payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If a company doesn’t have a credit policy and there’s nothing distributed throughout the business for employees, they’re just asking for complications when it comes to accounts receivables.

For this reason, it may be beneficial to consider consolidating all of your company’s payment procedures and policies under one umbrella. This is where innovative and industry-specific ERP software can come in handy. By […]

Bank Card Authorization Services that Handle it All

Keeping up with bank card transactions can be difficult. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a wholesale company or small retail firm, balancing the books at the end of the day can be confusing, especially without integrated bank card authorization software. That’s why one of the leading Equestrian Hardware manufacturers sought out Oneir Solutions to put an end to their bookkeeping woes.

Oneir Solutions is a fully-integrated software that has made payment processing much easier. Not only can it handle every type of sale they make, they only need to input customer information once, then all repeat transactions are taken care of.

Oneir Solutions Executive Vice President Jonathan Mainwaring said that the integrated scenario is much simpler than the alternative, where companies have to select the bank card type for every transaction then input it manually. This leads to confusing mistakes that can catch business owners off guard when balancing the books at […]

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Oneir Solutions Business Management Software for Planning and Budgeting

When Oneir Solutions Inc set out to plan and to develop the Next Generation of its ERP software, both Jane Giggal, Oneir’s President and Jonathan Mainwaring, Executive Vice President knew instinctively that they needed a new well researched and comprehensive Business Plan that would allow them to explore all the amazing opportunities that the new emerging Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation (DX) Economy held for all their diverse customers with their challenging demands.

For over four decades, Giggal and Mainwaring who have extensive business experience, provided hands-on advice for midsize and larger companies by recommending and implementing  both the Oneir’s, and its sister company, Vigilant’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems.   And now they are creating a revolutionary new plan for the future of Oneir Solutions and its clients.

As he has experienced himself, Mainwaring advises “Always remember that your business plan should be clear and provide a roadmap for your […]

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