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Bank Card Authorization Services that Handle it All

Keeping up with bank card transactions can be difficult. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a wholesale company or small retail firm, balancing the books at the end of the day can be confusing, especially without integrated bank card authorization software. That’s why one of the leading Equestrian Hardware manufacturers sought out Oneir Solutions to put an end to their bookkeeping woes.

Oneir Solutions is a fully-integrated software that has made payment processing much easier. Not only can it handle every type of sale they make, they only need to input customer information once, then all repeat transactions are taken care of.

Oneir Solutions Executive Vice President Jonathan Mainwaring said that the integrated scenario is much simpler than the alternative, where companies have to select the bank card type for every transaction then input it manually. This leads to confusing mistakes that can catch business owners off guard when balancing the books at […]

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Oneir Solutions Business Management Software for Planning and Budgeting

When Oneir Solutions Inc set out to plan and to develop the Next Generation of its ERP software, both Jane Giggal, Oneir’s President and Jonathan Mainwaring, Executive Vice President knew instinctively that they needed a new well researched and comprehensive Business Plan that would allow them to explore all the amazing opportunities that the new emerging Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation (DX) Economy held for all their diverse customers with their challenging demands.

For over four decades, Giggal and Mainwaring who have extensive business experience, provided hands-on advice for midsize and larger companies by recommending and implementing  both the Oneir’s, and its sister company, Vigilant’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems.   And now they are creating a revolutionary new plan for the future of Oneir Solutions and its clients.

As he has experienced himself, Mainwaring advises “Always remember that your business plan should be clear and provide a roadmap for your […]

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The best Global ERP Solutions Ensure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) evolve from the Business Plan

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) evolve from a well thought out Business Plan.  The business plan should identify the key tasks which need to be effectively implemented to provide an opportunity to be successful.  These Key Success Factors then need to be translated into the performance indicators that in turn need to be associated with all areas of the business using global ERP solutions so that the company is consistently operating in lockstep towards the same goals.


The key performance indicators need to be able to digest raw sets of values, which can be fed to global ERP solutions and similar systems that aggregate the data and product the indicators. There are two major types of KPI categories.  The Quantitative which presents a specific value with targeted goals.  These can be set up on an ERP software solution, such as the Oneir Solutions ERP Software, so that progress can be monitored against the KPI targets.


Qualitative values based on perceptions, tastes, or opinions are […]

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The discussion below provides an example relating to US Dollar (USD) transactions; however, the calculations are similar with other non-domestic funds transactions. Only the exchange rates differ.
Let’s make a $1,000 sale, for example, with a standard exchange rate of 1.38.

Debit Credit

Accounts Receivable 1000.00

Currency Exchange 380.00

Sales 1380.00

Cost of Goods Sold 600.00

Inventory 600.00

Note that the sales are converted to Canadian dollars. The conversion of the revenue inventory and cost of goods accounts accomplishes proper accounting for the entry as well as ensuring that the profit margin is reported correctly.

Sales 1380.00
Less C of G (600.00)
Margin 780.00

When the A/R ledger is printed, it shows the individual invoice in the funds they were sold in: in this case U.S. funds. This method allows you to view the A/R and print statements in the correct funds. When the A/R is printed, a conversion value is shown on the A/R […]

How to Write-Off AR Account Balances

To write off AR accounts simply post a credit adjustment or debit adjustments against the invoices or credit notes being written off. You will have to post to a GL account for the write off amounts. Most of the time, the GL account would be the same account used to write-off bad debts, even when writing off a credit balance. However, if you are unsure, you may wish to consult your accountant. Alternatively keep a record of the entries made and the account they were posted to so if they wish it to be accounted for in another account, it can easily be moved with a general journal entry.

To write off an entire balance made up of many invoices post an open credit note to the customer, again debiting the GL write off account. After the customer’s balances is zero, match the open credit note to the invoices outstanding. […]

Refunding AR by Credit Card

When a customer has a credit balance on their account it is sometimes necessary to refund them by credit card. To refund a customer by credit card there are two steps to have a good accounting trail. If they do not have a credit yet but have returned the items the first step is to create the credit note on the customer’s account. Usually this will be done through the same module that the original sale was made. Once the credit note is on the account follow the next step below.
Step #2. Clearing the customer’s credit from the account.
1. Go to the Accounts Receivable menu.
2. Go to ‘Post manually prepared invoices and credit notes’.
3. Enter the customer code you are refunding.
4. Select ‘Debit and increase Receivables.’
5. Enter ‘CREDIT’ for invoice number.
6. Enter the credit note number you are refunding. (If you do not know the credit note number you […]