By utilizing direct accounts payable electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment software, you can quickly disburse your payables – such as payroll, recurring payments, individual payables, and so forth – to any United States or Canadian bank account. You can even use the same EFT process for direct employee payroll payments in Canada.

You can even efficiently collect accounts receivables from your customers electronically via a companion service. This integrated software can streamline and simplify the typically expensive and time-consuming process of originating or collecting payments the manual way.

Save Time and Money!

Your payables and receivables processing can be much more cost-effective and simplified with vendor and payroll direct ETF payments. By automatically collecting receivables and payables, you can realistically improve your cash control and decrease how many manually processed items you have.

By utilizing vendor and payroll direct ETF payment software, the individual EFT payments that have been entered will be automatically organized for processing by the system. Payments that are accepted for processing are stored and released to the appropriate destination for processing on the due date.

Consider the following receivables benefits:

• Minimize carrying charges
• Have more predictable cash flows
• Lower your outstanding receivables thanks to pre-authorized debits
• Boost working capital
• Lower administrative costs
• Save time and money on preparing invoices and collecting expenses
• Reduce payment errors
• Streamline your customers’ payments

Consider the following payables benefits:

• Retain working capital longer by making direct deposit payments.
• Make sure payments are made in a timely manner
• Eliminate late payments and interest charges
• Eliminate check preparation, handling and postage
• Minimize transaction costs

Managing receivables and payables has never been easier thanks to the systems devised and implemented by Oneir Solutions Inc. Visit today to learn how you can easily and quickly turn your challenges into solutions.