The Oneir Solutions Support Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our customer intimate approach to servicing Oneir Solutions customers, while making every effort to assist in resolving any issue pertaining to Oneir Solutions.

The annual support plan includes unlimited telephone, fax and email support, as well as after hours emergency support. Up-to-date subscribers are also entitled to receive free updates to their Oneir Solutions products.

Oneir Solutions Inc partners with Technical Support Advisors to form a team to ensure our customers’ technical and software needs are completely satisfied. Oneir Solutions provides a template which contains the Linux operating system, the Oneir Solutions software, configuring printer access within the Oneir Solutions server, set up of terminal access and scripting for data transfer to the truck “servers”. If an approved UPS device is installed, Oneir Solutions will provide the necessary scripting for a graceful shutdown of the server in the event of a power loss. And by the way, you select the server operating system. Oneir simply requires a VMware partition where the template will be set up. Our stream lined installation processes make it easy for you to get your customers up and running with Oneir Solutions software.

You as the companies Technical Support Advisor in turn provides the recommended hardware, security infrastructure, networking, security backup facility and disaster recovery, if and when needed. And when you advise your customers to purchase Oneir Solutions software for their business, we have a system in place to reward that recommendation.


Live support is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. After hours emergency support is available between 5:00pm and 10:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am and 9:00pm Saturday and Sunday. All times are EST/EDT.

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Contact Support

Phone: 416-322-3580 ext. 2
Fax: 416-322-0809
email: [email protected]