Over 90 percent of Generation Y will head to the internet first when looking for certain products or services, and 50 percent of them will be buying something online. Big-wig e-commerce sites like Amazon have set the bar that all online shoppers have come to expect, regardless of the type of products or services they need.

More and more companies are continuing to turn to e-commerce as a viable sales and advertising channel, and when appropriately implemented, e-commerce can lead to reduced costs and improved operational efficiency. It can also generate demand and help retain customers. Essentially, e-commerce has become an integral part of a successful business.

With the increasing demographic of shoppers who prefer to shop online, companies are starting to take notice of how much these shoppers expect instant access to information about products, prices, inventory, and so forth.

For this reason, it’s imperative for companies considering engaging in e-commerce to determine the profile of these shoppers, and thereby promote offerings first to this segment. E-commerce will probably be the preferred method of browsing and purchasing for an increasing number of a company’s customers, and can be the key to gaining a competitive edge over the competition in regards to customer satisfaction and retention.

An e-commerce site can be a highly cost-effective and efficient channel, considering the fact that buyers are basically doing all the legwork themselves. They browse on their own, and purchase on their own through the self-serve portal. E-commerce gives the advantage to everyone involved in these transactions, which can help boost customer relations.

An increasing number of CRM packages are providing e-commerce capabilities, with the integration of e-commerce and CRM software being integrated in the following ways:

• Content management – Online catalogues, electronic data exchange, and digital brochures;
• Demand generation – Email marketing, social media, and SEO;
• Customer support – Online chat, email, customer feedback requests;
• Back-end integration – One-Step Price Updating, Order Processing, Picking, Packing and Shipping, etc
• Analytics

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