Keeping up with bank card transactions can be difficult. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a wholesale company or small retail firm, balancing the books at the end of the day can be confusing, especially without integrated bank card authorization software. That’s why one of the leading Equestrian Hardware manufacturers sought out Oneir Solutions to put an end to their bookkeeping woes.

Oneir Solutions is a fully-integrated software that has made payment processing much easier. Not only can it handle every type of sale they make, they only need to input customer information once, then all repeat transactions are taken care of.

Oneir Solutions Executive Vice President Jonathan Mainwaring said that the integrated scenario is much simpler than the alternative, where companies have to select the bank card type for every transaction then input it manually. This leads to confusing mistakes that can catch business owners off guard when balancing the books at the end of the day.

“In the Oneir integrated scenario, however, our software automates all card entries and eliminates human errors – whether unintentional or otherwise,” Mainwaring said.

But Oneir Solutions doesn’t stop there: it also covers nearly every aspect of the sales process, even services for sales reps on the road and trade shows. The email services, in particular, makes the invoicing process a breeze.

In addition to their comprehensive sales and e-Commerce solutions, Oneir Solutions can also provide your payment processing services free of charge and help manage your company’s inventory.

Are you champing at the bit for banking solutions?

 When you’ve grown tired of balancing the books at days’ end and want to go home and relax, Oneir Solutions can provide you the solutions that can make it happen. To learn more about our competitive ERP software and the industries we serve, contact our team today!Bank Card Authorization