For companies that are so successful that one location simply isn’t cutting it to meet the demands of customers, it may be time to start expanding the business. And with multiple locations in the works, proper software that can handle multiple locations is necessary.

Oneir Solutions offers specialized business software that can handle all sorts of transactions and tasks that are important to businesses. When companies start to experience rapid growth, or have other reasons to open up more than one location, Oneir Solutions offers software products that help independent businesses maintain their accounting systems efficiently, as well as retain tighter management control regardless of how many locations they have.

The software that Oneir Solutions offers clients depends on Linux as its operating system (OS), which is highly beneficial to businesses because of its incredible stability, speed and low cost of ownership. This is of paramount importance to organizations, while still allowing easy and quick access to all Windows applications.

When Linux servers work together with Windows workstations, businesses essentially get the benefits of each. Linux offers impeccable speed and stability, while Windows offers more familiar platforms that most businesses are already knowledgeable about and comfortable with. Migrating between the two is simple: Oneir-Linux servers can be easily linked to existing networks to get the system up and running quickly and efficiently.

When businesses expand to open separate locations, it’s important to be able to easily access data at any given time. With Oneir Solutions, business owners can gain access and get the data needed immediately, regardless of where they are. The system carries out real-time communications between locations. And should internet communication be lost, Oneir can continue to make sales at every location without a hiccup. No down-time means no loss in sales.

Businesses don’t need to be concerned about there being too much effort involved in migrating data when opening up multiple locations. Owners can simply log in from anywhere their system is set up, and the rest is taken care of.

Oneir Solutions offers businesses with multiple sites a highly efficient business tool that is easy to use, despite its sophistication. It’s so easy to use that customers don’t need to worry about the technology that goes into it – instead, they can just focus on continuing to grow their business.