Oneir Solutions Inc…is more than a broad-based fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business, accounting solution.


Oneir Solutions Inc., in evolution since 1983, is more than a broad-based fully integrated business, accounting and inventory control software solution. Oneir partners with its customers to provide a complete group of services. Consultation, programming of special needs, data implementation assistance, training and award-winning support keep our customers competitive and at the forefront.


Why Enterprise Level Multi-Channel Sales, Inventory Control and Accounting Software?


Strengths from consulting backgrounds provided high-level experience and knowledge of business that developed Oneir Solutions’ culture. Most critically, by listening to those in business, a need was identified to deliver innovative Enterprise Level Systems to companies searching for a sophisticated business management software solution with real-time control.

Oneir Solutions: Business Management Software Products


Multi-Channel Sales means customers can make sales no matter where or when. Integrating this Multiple Selling Channel approach starting with quotations, through to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Material Replacement Management (MRP). Presentation in one easy to use, yet comprehensive package means our customers are taking full advantage of Oneir’s focus on increasing productivity. Remote access throughout the empire, no matter where or how many locations, keep management in control. And the Oneir Solutions support and training help to get there.


Oneir Solutions: Philosophy


Oneir Solutions Inc. strives to offer business management software and services safely, securely and with the customer’s interest as the prime concern. As a result, Oneir Solutions’ character is “customer intimate.” Our primary directive is to develop long-term, growing and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

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