The Tile and Flooring industry is varied and vast.  Your area of focus could be ceramic, linoleum, stone, hardwood, laminate, carpet or any combination thereof.  You could be primarily selling directly to the consumer, to contractors, businesses or even all three.  In addition to retailing tile and flooring products, you may also provide installation services that require cost control.  You require a business solution that is both flexible and rock-solid reliable.


No matter your area of focus within the tile and flooring industry, dependable inventory tracking is a must in order to manage your business efficiently.  Enter and track your items by type, such as hardwood, linoleum or ceramic and by style or color with Oneir Solutions.

The tile and flooring calculator from Oneir Solutions has the flexibility to make quotations and to manage selling by length, square-footage, individual piece or simply by the box.  Also take advantage of the built-in feature that allows you to calculate the number of units, boxes, pallets, etc. required for the customer’s unique job based on area being covered.  It will also calculate the shipping weight…it’s the Oneir Solutions Tile & Flooring Calculator.

As an industry that sometimes caters to a wide range of clients, you need to be able to set-up special customer categories such as contractors or businesses such as retail stores that may receive regular discounts.  These special customers may be pre-designated with their discount rate and individual pricing so as to eliminate confusion and time-wasting at the point of sale.

Then integrate these selling solutions with Inventory Control, Customer Relationship Planning, and Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger for Financial Control and your business safeguards.  Combine the benefits of the Purchase Ordering option for Materials Requirements Planning, Bank (Debit and Credit) Card Authorization and Payroll, and you have one powerful fully integrated software solution… and there is much more.

ONEIR’s built-in ERP Software for Tile & Flooring Retailing & Distribution helps with inventory tracking to cut loses from growing inventory & make your business more competitive. Contact us at 1.877.322.3580 or visit our online form to get more information on our  ERP for Tile & Flooring Distribution and tile and flooring calculator.


  • Full-featured Point of Sale for retail or Sales Order for wholesale and contractor telephone
  • Make quotations with follow up reporting
  • Full-featured back-office accounting
  • Full-featured inventory tracking
  • Calculation of number of tiles, cases and pallets based on the floor/wall area
  • Calculation of the shipping weight
  • Size and color matrix (additional component) for tracking and managing types, colors and styles
  • Discounts set-up by customer type (i.e. contractors)
  • Price break discounts for larger orders
  • Kitting to accommodate special pricing on bundled items such as floor coverings for kitchen, living room and bedrooms
  • Thorough customer history tracking – easily access information on past purchases and retrieve information on tile style and/or color, hardwood type and/or color, etc.
  • Credit Card Authorization (additional component) for easy, fast processing of credit and debit transactions


Ceramic Tile Retailer/Wholesaler Cuts Losses, Expands Business with Industry Specific ERP Software

Ton Holten began in the ceramic tile industry driving tile-laden tractor-trailers for a Dutch forwarding company from the far reaches…


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Ton Holten has never been afraid to make a move. He began his long sojourn in the ceramic tile industry by driving tile-laden tractor-trailers for a Dutch forwarding company from the far reaches of two continents back to his native Holland.


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Whether it’s your kids or your company, it’s no snap meeting either’s financial needs. Both seem forever needy.
As your company grows, you soon know that you’re going to need something more than cash-in-a-shoe-box to…


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