As a Food & Beverage Processing business, you are dealing with a wide range of clientele in your industry. You want to keep your business clients coming back by expediting their orders with efficiency and in a timely manner. As a supplier to their bustling restaurant and food & beverage retail businesses as well as local food & beverage distributors, you want to ensure you are delivering the best in quality, service and reliability.

And, because you process some or all of the food products you sell, you have the added challenge of tracking the goods that you are manufacturing for cost and quality reporting, including assisting with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) monitoring.


For those companies that process some or all of the food products they sell, you have the added challenge of tracking the goods that you are manufacturing for costing and quality reporting.
Establish menus with detailed processing instructions, including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) reference documentation for the product, stages for testing and possibly the critical max/min values. Track components as they are added. Then carry out quality control testing during and after production.

Tracking abilities are of the utmost importance, whether it is of your inventory, sales or customers.
You need to have tight control on all these aspects in order to maintain the efficiency of your food and beverage processing business and ensure your success in the challenging business to business market. Even your “on-the-road” sales reps can have immediate access when making remote sales!

Your customers are important to you. Categorizing your customers by business type (i.e. fine dining restaurants, cafeterias, franchised fast food restaurants, independent grocery stores, supermarkets, corner stores, etc.), allows you to control their discounts, price breaks and target promotions and campaigns towards a specific group. Generate orders based on the customer’s unique sales history, thereby reducing the chance of human error and speeding up your processing time. Use Oneir Solutions customizable “Order Guide” to assist your customers with their re-orders while the onscreen version assists your in-house sales staff placing orders and sending confirmations. The “Order Guide” ensures your staff never forgets an item a customer may need to re-order.

When manufacturing your products you need to not only record the quantity of ingredients being used, but also the lot numbers so you can report where product is being used in case of a recall. You also need to have a unique lot number for each batch you produce. Then as you sell your goods, you need to be able to track which customer purchased each batch by lot number.

To provide the easiest access for ordering, Food Distribution companies can offer phone, fax and email ordering. With Oneir Solutions, you can easily interface with the e-Commerce web store and EDI ordering. Sales reps on the road can place orders directly from their customer’s location, email
a confirmation to the customer and have the pick slip printed at the warehouse for picking, packing and shipping. This is customer service at its ultimate. To assist with the ordering process, always remember Oneir Solutions customizable “Order Guide”. “Drop-in” customer ordering can be accommodated and speed through the check out using Oneir Solutions’ Point of Sale. This is truly
“Multi-Channel Selling” at its best!

Track customer balances, control credit limits and “hold” orders for customers with overdue balances.

With Oneir Solutions, you will have a handle on what stock is not moving and what items need to be
in your warehouse at all times to keep your customers coming back! Track items purchased by each customer and the specifications of these items, such as batch, expiry date, etc.

Then integrate these selling solutions with Inventory Control, Customer Relationship Management, and Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger for Financial Control and your business safeguards. Combine the benefits of the Purchase Ordering option for Materials Requirements Planning, Bank (Debit and Credit) Card Authorization and Payroll. Then there is the Bill of Materials Manufacturing facility for Food Processors. Now you can have one powerful fully integrated software solution…and there is much more.

ONEIR’s fully integrated process manufacturing ERP Solution enables small and mid-market process manufacturers to achieve a strategic competitive advantage in the market. Contact us at 1.877.322.3580 or visit our online form to get more information on our ERP software solution for manufacturers.


  • Full-featured Sales Order for wholesale order-taking, including online, phone and catalogue
  • POS for over-the-counter warehouse sales
  • Full-featured back-office accounting
  • Full-featured inventory tracking including Lot Tracking
  • Extensive sales history tracking
  • Order Guide feature
  • Use the Wireless Handheld Terminal (additional component) to control shipping in the
  • warehouse
  • e-Commerce Interface (additional component) for integrating your Web Store Orders
  • Discounts set-up by customer type and/or individual customers
  • Sales by date, customer, shipping location, product or groups of products and sales rep.
  • Price break discounts for larger orders
  • Customer Relationship Management to improve your customer loyalty
  • Kitting to accommodate special pricing on bundled items
  • Credit Card Authorization (additional component) for easy, fast processing of credit and debit transactions
  • Process Bill of Material Manufacturing (additional Component)


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