The Home and Building Supply market is highly competitive and ever-changing. You may be selling primarily to the homeowner or to contractors, but chances are, you are doing both and more. Your product selection could range from lumber to power tools to small appliances. You require a business solution that is capable of accommodating your large inventory and varied customers.


You need a handle on all aspects of your business. Inventory management, customer tracking and rental tracking may all be important to you.

Because your products can be so varied, it is essential to know what is selling and what is not for any given time period. Track items and analyze sales by department, sub-category, type or product line.

As the efficiency of your business improves and you can focus on the areas that generate the most profits. One-time shoppers become repeat customers when they know your store will always stock what they are looking for! This is a distinct competitive advantage over the “big box” stores.

Your customers can be nearly as varied as your products. You are likely to sell retail and wholesale, as well as to contractors. Manage all your customer types effectively: set-up discounts for specific customer types (such as contractors) and track and analyze customers by type, allowing you to target specific groups for promotional mailings, sales announcements, etc. Use Oneir’s Point of Sale concurrently with Sales Order Tracking and Invoicing for maximum efficiency in managing all your areas of business.

Then integrate these selling solutions with Inventory Control, Customer Relationship Planning, and Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger for Financial Control and your business safeguards. Combine the benefits of the Purchase Ordering option for Materials Requirements Planning, Bank (Debit and Credit) Card Authorization and Payroll, and you have one powerful fully integrated software solution… and there is much more.

ONEIR’s building materials ERP software is capable of accommodating suppliers’ large inventory and varied customers. Get the strategic competitive advantage without raising overhead. Contact us at 1.877.322.3580 or visit our online form to get more information on our building materials software.


  • Full-featured Point of Sale for retail and short-term rentals
  • Sales Order for wholesale, contractors and delivery order with “ship to” and “bill to”
  • Make quotations with follow up reporting
  • Full-featured back-office accounting
  • Full-featured inventory tracking
  • Repeat Billing for long-term rentals and contracts
  • Discounts set-up by customer type (i.e. contractors)
  • Price break discounts for larger orders
  • Price multiplier for sales of lumber by the foot
  • Kitting to accommodate special pricing on bundled items
  • Thorough customer history tracking – easily access information on past purchases and retrieve information on dye lots, wood types, styles, etc.
  • Record serial number for such items as tools, appliances and other valued products as they are being sold
  • Sell, accept and track gift cards
  • Credit Card Authorization (additional component) for easy, fast processing of credit and debit transactions
  • Automatic application of environmental (eco-fee) surcharges


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