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How ERP & CRM Software Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Just about every business in any industry relies on repeat clients to keep business going, and that entails ensuring that customers are satisfied with goods and level of service. But mid-sized distributors in particular may face some challenges that are unique to their business. Distributors are usually competing directly with much bigger companies that can get advantageous terms from suppliers and can get their hands on more resources.

As such, mid-sized distributors may find themselves charging higher prices and having less manpower compared to their competitors. Competing on price isn’t an option, so there are other ways that mid-sized distributors need to compete to attract new customers and keep them.

Taking advantage of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with customer resource management (CRM) capabilities can give mid-sized distributors the opportunity to more effectively meet expectations for a high level of customer service.

Since good customer service translates into good business sense, an […]

ERP Systems Help Businesses Take Advantage of Improved Lead Times

There are so many advantages to using an ERP system to take control of a business’s information. Many of these benefits will appeal to certain firms more than others.

For instance, certain companies will appreciate the fact that streamlined data entry is much more efficient, and offers executives much more time to deal with secondary projects. For other organizations, being able to reduce the number of errors made as a result of huge amounts of information having to be handled is a major benefit.

While certain advantages are more attractive to businesses than others, one common benefit of ERP systems that all can appreciate is improved lead times. The fact that decisions can be made long before specific activities take place makes it so much easier to deal with issues and come up with solutions well in advance of them happening.

Here are just a handful of tasks that are a lot simpler […]

Why You Need to Consider Change Management When Implementing an ERP System

Are you considering incorporating an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system to your business? If so, you are on your way to experiencing a plethora of opportunities and possibilities. Choosing to invest in an ERP system is a key decision to opening the doors to great rewards. But just with any other type of change, it can also come with a great deal of worry and concern, mainly because of the unknown.

Change almost always takes some time and help to get used to, including when it comes to business. This is true regardless of how advantageous it can be to you, your executive team, and your employees.

Change management can be implemented as a means of getting senior staff and employees ready for the changes ahead that come with the introduction of ERP software into a business. Even though an ERP solution will make business more efficient by streamlining your processes […]

Benefits of ERP Systems For Manufacturing Companies

One of the biggest sectors in the economy today is manufacturing, and as this industry continues to grow, businesses are looking for new ways to manage their expansion while keeping competitrive. Many companies are seriously considering implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to streamline all aspects of their business – and well they should.

Here are a few advantages that can be gained with the use of new ERP technology for manufacturing firms.

Better Reporting
Before ERP systems came along, businesses dealt with many challenges when it came to running various types of reports, such as product outputs and employee records from multiple non-integrated software programs.

With an ERP system in place, the manufacturing industry can improve their processes, resulting in better overall efficiency and a better understanding of changes in the business that need to be made. Manufacturing businesses can use different pieces of information from one integrated software system to find solutions […]

4 Ways to Streamline Your ERP Project Management

Putting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in place can help streamline various components of your business. But this implantation can be a bit daunting if not executed properly. The good news is that leaders can alleviate much of the stress of this task using the following 4 tips.

Put the Right Team in Place
Implementing new software is a challenging process, particularly if it’s being managed by only one individual. Rather than putting all the burden on one person’s shoulders, organizations need to come up with an entire implementation team to carry out the responsibilities that come with a new ERP system. The right people with an effective organization structure will result in the successful implementation of ERP project management systems.

Devise a Plan For Change
Implementing the new software is one thing, but the change that occurs afterwards is quite another. Managing change is a critical component of project management, and businesses […]

Why You Should be Integrating ERP and CRM Systems to Your Business

The entire reason behind putting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into place is to make all financial processes as effective and efficient as possible. Businesses from all niches have already introduced this solution to their companies with great success. Now, it’s time to focus on increasing and improving customer relations.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an excellent choice in this matter. These days, businesses can easily have ERP and CRM solutions integrated thanks to the help of providers such as Oneir Solutions Inc. This helps assist businesses with their consumer and financial responsibilities.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider integrating ERP with CRM.

Better Control of Inventory
Many organizations agree that one of the biggest issues they face is poor stock management. Having an integrated ERP and CRM system can help alleviate any problems associated with this task.

The solution can automate the updating of inventory numbers when a […]