It can be pretty challenging for large companies with numerous branches, offices and warehouses to find the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that meets their needs. Many times, just one single focus ERP solution is not enough.

For this reason, a two-tiered software solution will be warranted. This type of ERP system runs more than one solution effectively and efficiently. Two-tiered systems typically emphases the needs at the corporate level in one tier, and other tier supports the particular requirements of the varied locations that make up the whole ERP software.

Here are some of the benefits of a two-tiered ERP system that your business can take advantage of.

Cost Effective
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a two-tiered ERP system is the cost savings. You might think it’s impossible for this more advanced type of system to be more affordable, but these solutions can actually save your business money over the long term.

These systems offer additional coverage, so the overall cost of ownership will not need as many modifications, and will take less time to integrate, thereby lowering set up fees.

Easier Employee Training
Since certain business practices are standardized through the implementation of two-tiered ERP systems, they’re uniform across the board. This means that any employees who are being transferred from one location to another will not have to learn a new system, since the new office will be operating on the same technology.

Intersecting two different systems between locations can be more complex; this is not the case with a two-tiered system. Instead, a businesses and its personnel can focus on supporting only one system and provide employees with training on a single solution with multiple components.

More Innovative
Organizations with numerous locations will be in the midst of fierce competition from different companies or markets. Improvements are always warranted in the world of business, regardless of the specific niche. With two-tier ERP systems, businesses can more easily customize the ERP solution in order to meet business demands.

At Oneir Solutions Inc, we offer businesses in a variety of industries with fully integrated ERP software solutions to meet all their needs. We help take businesses to an entirely new level with ERP solutions that streamline the management of important business functions through a shared information database, regardless of where they’re located or how many locations they’re dealing with!