You can tell a lot about your business by your sales transactions and compensation.

It’s important for your business to accurately predict, calculate and track incentive-based compensation, and commission software can help you do just that.

Save Time and Reduce Errors
Tracking commissions can be a time-consuming task, especially if you’re tracking a number of plans with different commissions rates, splits, caps, and so on. A lot of companies start by making use of spreadsheets or text documents, but this manual process is not only tedious, it’s also prone to a lot of errors.

It’s also incredibly time-consuming. Business owners and managers know how scarce time can be. The majority of measurements of key performance indicators can typically only be done at the end of the month or quarter. Waiting around for this time can result in outdated information that’s being worked with by the time month- or quarter-end rolls around.

Automate With Commission Tracking Software
There’s an easy solution to the problems mentioned above: commission tracking software. Not only can this technology cut down on time spent manually tracking commissions, it can also eliminate errors and produce much better results. The more complicated your tracking is, the more time you’ll save.

Access to Accurate and Transparent Commission Tracking Data
Compensation data provides management with a lot of key performance indicators, and having access to transparent commission tracking data can assist you in making much more sound decisions at all levels. Compensation can be calculated based on a number of performance factors, and can help you adequately manage important dates in the compensation cycle. Regulatory reporting needs for commissions and bonuses can also be more easily managed with commission software.

Transparency in compensation issues leads to a greater understanding among employees, which in turn cuts down on the associated frustration while increasing motivation to perform even better. Commission tracking software can publish clear reports for all personnel, and accessible reports are a simple way to avoid these perplexities.

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