For several months, many of our Oneir Solutions customers, including ourselves, who have updated to Windows 10 have been experiencing random freezing on their data entry screens. The issue arose from an update by Microsoft to one of their Windows 10 releases that affected the operation of Eric’s TelNet98.

Since Oneir Solutions is a Linux based ERP software application, it requires a telnet to facilitate secure and rapid communication between your Oneir Solutions server and Windows desktops. The technical groups at both Eric’s TelNet98 and Oneir Solution have work in lockstep to identify the cause of the issue and then to bring a resolution to the screen freezing.

The update to Eric’s TelNet98 is now available for all Oneir Solutions users with Windows 10 on their workstations… And if you are not using Windows 10 on your desktop computers today, we recommend you update now so you are ready when you update to Windows 10.

Oneir Solutions are acting as an intermediary to facilitate receiving the upgrade from Eric’s Telnet98.
On your behalf, we have brokered a discount price for the Eric’s TelNet98 licenses if they are purchased during March 2017. The upgrades are available on NOW…but don’t delay. This is a “limited time offer” that expires end-of-day March 31, 2017.

The details are outlined below are applicable to each of your Windows workstations:
• Any Eric’s TelNet98 license keys that were created in 2016 and 2017 will be okay to use with the upgraded Eric’s TelNet98. The Oneir Solutions staff is not required to do anything. You simply need to follow the procedure outlined below to receive the new Eric’s Telnet98 software application at NO CHARGE. Remember, this “limited time offer” needs to be accepted before the end of March.
• If any of your computer’s Eric’s TelNet98 license keys were purchased on or before December 31, 2015, you can order new keys from Oneir Solutions during the month of March, 2017 at fifty (50) percent off the normal $45 price. After March the price will revert back to $45.

Please follow the procedure outlined below for upgrade your Eric’s TelNet98 to version v23.4 build 12205 or later.
Step 1: Go to and select Download on the left side of the screen. Then “Download” Eric’s TelNet98 for evaluation or upgrade. You should be presented with the “” program which has to be opened by double clicking. You should be shown a box with one of the options being “setup.exe”. Double click on this option. Just follow the simple step by step setup instructions within the setup program. It will take about a minute or so for each of your Windows computers to be upgraded.

Step 2: When your Eric’s TelNet98 download had been completed on each workstation, select the Help option on the top of your Oneir Solutions screen and then select About “Eric’s TelNet98” to verify that you have the updated Eric’s TelNet98 version v23.4 build 12205 or later.

Step 3: Before you download, you can check each Windows workstation to determine if the key license is valid (i.e. was purchased during 2016 or 2017). To check the license key, select “Options” and then “License” option on the top of your Oneir Solutions screen. This has to be done for each Windows workstation. If the Serial Number is less than tn1451650000, you will need to contact Oneir Solutions Sales to purchase a new key, albeit at the fifty percent discounted rate. If you fail to purchase the new key before the end of March, 2017, the $45 charge will apply. Your other option is to simply upgrade Eric’s TelNet98 as per Step 1. During the upgrade process, Eric’s Telnet98 will remove old licenses that are older than 2016. If the license key for the workstation is outdated, your license key will be removed and you will be presented with a pop up prompt when you enter Oneir Solutions software. Your options will be to “Quit”, “Buy” and “I Agree”. Press “I Agree” to continue operation within the Oneir Solutions software. You will need to contact Oneir Solutions Sales to purchase a new key, albeit at the fifty percent discounted rate. If you fail to purchase the new key before the end of March, 2017, the $45 charge will apply.

If you have any questions contact Oneir Solutions Inc at 877-322-3580 Ext 1 for Sales and Ext 2 for Customer Support or email [email protected].

Telnet is a protocol used on the Internet or local area networks to provide secure SSH bidirectional interactive text-oriented communication facility using a virtual terminal connection. Specifically, Oneir Solutions and the Vigilant Cloud Solution use Eric’s TelNet98 to quickly and securely communicate between all your Windows workstations and your Oneir Solutions server.
Oneir Solutions Inc selected Eric’s TelNet98 as its telnet of choice in the mid 2000’s and had some modifications made to better service our customers. TelNet98 was already very feature-rich and Eric’s Telnet98 has continued to develop its product to better suite its/our customers.

While the Eric’s TelNet98 carries out its basic responsibilities, it also has the capability for “cut and paste” and “print screen” functions by right clicking on your Oneir screens. I personally use the cut & paste feature to copy names and contact details from a customer’s website into Oneir as well as taking miscellaneous amounts from the bank statements and posting general ledger entries into the Oneir Solutions to ensure no typos are made.