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Providing a More Complete Solution, Making Businesses More Competitive

Oneir Solutions Inc & Global Payments have entered into a partnership to seamlessly integrate the next generation of OpenEdge payment gateway software for debit and credit card processing with Oneir Solutions ERP multi-channel sales software. This technically advanced solution gives business the opportunity to increase their competitive advantage with a more complete business solution while securing their mission critical assets.

Increase efficiency. Streamline your operations by eliminating duplication of payment data entry… and its associated risk of keying errors.

Multi-Channel Processing Options. Not just for processing retail Point of Sale transactions, but also for phone, mail order and Web store bankcard processing, for processing repetitive contract sales and club memberships as well as just taking bankcard payments for your outstanding customer accounts receivables… Oneir Solutions provides integrated bankcard authorization for all your multi-channel selling and processing needs while seamlessly updating your financial records.

Benefit from no-delay Processing. Use the speed […]

Foreign Exchange Transactions

In this global world we live in, more and more of you are either selling to customers in non-domestic currencies or purchasing goods and services from foreign vendor and paying in their currency. To assist with facilitating these transactions, you often have non-domestic currency bank accounts.

Oneir Solutions Inc industry-specific software allows you to make sales and carry out purchases is foreign non-domestic currencies…while accounting for the currency exchanges in the back ground. For example:

The sales order and invoicing option allows you to quote, take orders and invoice in domestic currency as well as one other currency. For most of our customers that is USD or CAD.
The repetitive billing option also allows you to invoice in domestic currency as well as one other currency.
The job cost manufacturing option allows you to make a quote and invoice a job in domestic currency as well as one other currency.

The retail over-the-counter point of […]

Micro Monitor

Vigilant Point of Sales Software has been a leader in the Canadian Point of Sale software market for over 20 years and it continues to meet the needs of both retailers and wholesalers. However, many Vigilant customers need to go further – larger, bigger, better and stronger. The result was the birth of Oneir Solutions Inc.
Oneir makes use of the extensive business rules and logic from the older Vigilant product, but it has been rewritten in a robust language and heavy duty, stable environment. It provides a superior solution for retailers and wholesalers who have grown beyond the smaller independent business stage or have more than one location.

It provides a full featured business solution – from invoicing to inventory control, CRM, back office accounting (AR, AP, GL), and several optional plug-ins to provide specific vertical functionality.

Oneir’s invoicing family includes Point of Sale for retailers, Sales Orders […]

Year-End Checklist

Oneir Solutions Inc provides all the tools required to make your business more streamline and competitive. This includes your Year-End Closing and Corporate Tax Returns preparation. Of equal importance is that the preparation of your returns provides an opportunity to review the performance of the business during the past year.

Depending on your reporting requirements, there are three levels of engagement that you can have with your auditor (CPA). The three general levels of financial statement service are audit, review and completion. You and your auditor need to discuss the level of service required prior to commencement of the audit.

In their Publication entitled “Audit, Review and Compilation: How CPA Reports Differ”, Gelman, Rosenberg & Freeman, Certified Public Accountants, discuss the various audit options. This article can be found at

Keeping up to date with your postings is easy with Oneir Solutions ERP software. As sales are […]

Benefits to Automating Your Accounts Receivable – Part IV: Collection Administration

There will be times, despite the best efforts that you will need to contact a customer for payment. All the credit policy or interest charges in the world won’t change that. Once again having a clear policy on when to start collections is critical to getting payment faster. Your policy should cover:

Benefits from Automating Your Accounts Receivables – Part III: Using Overdue Interest to Encourage On Time Payments

Do you know what the credit control policy of your company is? Do they have credit policies? It is sometimes revealing to ask these questions. Firstly many companies do not have any written credit control policies – apart from the need to be paid as quickly as possible. Often companies that do have credit polices do not disseminate them through the company, as often sales as well as credit departments need to know what these are. Again management often think that they have good credit control policies in place, but when junior staff are asked they tell that they are not allowed to follow the polices or that they are unworkable.