Just about every business in any industry relies on repeat clients to keep business going, and that entails ensuring that customers are satisfied with goods and level of service. But mid-sized distributors in particular may face some challenges that are unique to their business. Distributors are usually competing directly with much bigger companies that can get advantageous terms from suppliers and can get their hands on more resources.

As such, mid-sized distributors may find themselves charging higher prices and having less manpower compared to their competitors. Competing on price isn’t an option, so there are other ways that mid-sized distributors need to compete to attract new customers and keep them.

Taking advantage of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with customer resource management (CRM) capabilities can give mid-sized distributors the opportunity to more effectively meet expectations for a high level of customer service.

Since good customer service translates into good business sense, an ERP solution can give distributors the ability to attain higher quality interactions with both new and existing clients.

Here are some ways that ERP software can help improve overall customer service and inevitably increase sales.

Get Rid of Inefficient Order Processing
Making sure that deliveries are on time is of paramount importance when it comes to customer satisfaction. An ERP system can help make sure that deliveries reach their destination when they’re supposed to. Distributors that make use of ERP solutions can provide distributors with on-time shipments just about every time because they eliminate inefficiencies.

Boost Efficiency When Solving Client Issues
In distribution companies, customer service representatives are the first people to deliver service to clients. It’s important that they’ve got the information needed to resolve any issues in a timely manner.

Having ERP software can help provide customer service reps with more power to offer pertinent details about a client’s whole experience with a company. These representatives can see all there is to know about a customer’s history, including payment methods, previous orders, and so on. This can help them provide customers with the answers they’re looking for, which ultimately enhances customer loyalty.

Offering Value Through Business Intelligence
Customers can be better served by being offered the right value-added services at the right time. ERP solutions allow sales teams to be much more confident in the data they’ve got on customers because they can more closely rely on the information that’s stored in the system. With such information on hand, they can offer services such as special discounts that can boost sales.

These types of tools are essential to the success of mid-sized distributor companies. Oneir Solutions Inc offers customized ERP solutions that can help improve customer service, make order processing more efficient, and increase sales. Visit OneirSolutions.com today to learn more.