As an entrepreneur, you want your business to grow and become increasingly successful. But along with expansion and growth comes a change in your ERP system. Not only that, but ERP systems are always evolving and becoming more and more innovative, offering businesses new functions and features to make business operations even more streamlined.

But organizations need to understand that their ERP software must be secure around the clock and make sure that pertinent data is adequately protected. Here are a few security risks associated with ERP systems that you should be cognizant of.

Software That is Out-of-Date
Ongoing support is required when it comes to ERP systems. But that’s not always easy to find among ERP system vendors. Luckily, Oneir Solutions Inc offers ongoing support to businesses to ensure that their ERP systems are working as they should, and are protecting all vital information accordingly. Without updated software and lack of support, many significant problems will ensue. Data simply cannot be securely stored if the software is far too old or has not undergone any modifications over the recent past.

Multiple Methods of Delivery
While finding new ways to have data delivered effectively – such as through the cloud – is important, new delivery methods can come with their own set of inherent security risks. With everything managed and maintained by outside parties, companies need to fully understand their ERP system vendor’s security modes before buying into the software. Organizations would also be well advised to make sure that the delivery methods used meet the regulatory standards for storing and accessing sensitive information.

Employees Bringing Their Own Mobile Devices to Work
With today’s plugged-in and digitally-savvy demographic, just about everyone carries a mobile device with them at all times, including at work. But while these devices help people stay connected to their own set of contacts, they also pose a threat and a risk to data breaches for businesses. Organizations must develop a clearly outlined policy when it comes to bringing and using personal devices in the workplace in order for management to know who owns specific data and how to safely access it from outside locations.

At Oneir Solutions Inc, we make it our mission to provide clients with the most innovative fully-integrated ERP systems that come with minimal risk to security issues. To find out more about our systems and solutions, get in touch with us by emailing [email protected], or call 877-322-3580 Ext. 1.