We have mobile phones, and have had them for a decade or two now. We have laptops that we can take on our trips, vacation or simply when we are out of the office. But these are bulky and not easy to manage while meeting with customers. The tablet is a compromise that provides a large enough screen for easy reading but is light enough to easily transport to meetings with your customers.

So if your sales reps are on-the-road, they can look up order statuses, view stock levels and monitor accounts receivable status by using portable Internet on their laptop or an I-Pad. They can look up their most recent Client Contact memos and Customer Note Pad. But more importantly, they can place orders directly from their customer’s location, while e-mailing the sales confirmation immediately to the customer.

To make the order taking process even easier, Oneir Solutions also provides details on the last order for the product and the capability to present an Order Guide based on the recent sales whereby the sales rep only needs to fill in the quantities being ordered. The regular products being ordered are shown on the tablet screen with the customer’s pricing, sorted by product groupings.

When the order is complete, the sales reps simply transmit the orders directly to your warehouse for picking, packing and shipping. Traditionally, there have been delays created by the sales rep having to communicate the order to the office after which the clerk at the order desk had to enter the orders.

There is no delay using mobile tablets. This means high customer satisfaction and improved Customer Relationship Management…and improved productivity within the business.

The tablet can either have its own SIM card or link to your cell phone’s mobile hotspot or tethering. Owners and management can also use the tablets when they are out of the office to monitor performance, check their bank accounts and carry out other management functions that they have not been able to do in bygone years.

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