In random surveys, our customers have chosen the Oneir Solutions package of support as being top in its field. Our customers regularly complement the Oneir Solutions team on the quality of our support. This is reflective of the fact that the Customer Support & Updates Plan (CSP) which is all inclusive.

First there is our phone, fax and e-Mail access which is invaluable when you need an answer to any question or pressing issue.

This Plan also covers our Software Updates, providing customers with more ways to make their businesses more competitive.

Oneir Solutions enhancements encompass three elements that:
Broaden the selection of multiple sales channels so you can make more sales and better service your customers.
Provide more opportunity to make your business more streamlined…in other words, do more with less!
Expand the tools to analyse and monitor all aspects of your business…as such, providing time to reflect on growth and focus on the future.

Our quality software products not only make your business more competitive now, but promise to keep you at the forefront of technology in the months and years to come. With this in mind, the next breakthrough of our Web/Mobile applications will allow customers to engage in business no matter where they are and with whatever appliance they have, such as Apple i-Pads, Android-based smart phones, Windows laptops or tablets. The technology will also provide a broader opportunity for seamless integration with other applications. Over the upcoming months, you will hear more about this development.

In order to build on the future and maintain our high quality of service and support, Oneir Solutions will be increasing its CSP subscription fees for both our monthly subscribers as well as our annual subscribers.
Our monthly subscription price increase will be implemented March 1st, 2017 while the annual subscription fee will kick in on the Plan’s anniversary date.

But don’t panic! For most of you, this price increase will only be about a dollar a day…a nominal amount considering Oneir Solutions has not had a CSP fee increase for over seven years.

The team at Oneir Solutions Inc values your business and the strong relationship we have. We strive to make your businesses more competitive in every way we can.

Contact [email protected] or telephone 877-322-3580 Ext 2, if you have any questions.